Industrial Insights: 4 Storeroom Solutions To Bolster Your Business

It might seem mundane, but the way your business handles its storage has a profound effect on the rest of the business. Have you ever asked yourself what can be done to make a storeroom more efficient or useful, and how does it affect the business attached to it? We’ve compiled our 4 top tips and tricks that can turn your storeroom around, and in turn bolster your business.

Keep food fresh

One of the most common items in an office storeroom is tea, coffee and biscuits for the staff. Sometimes, there are other types of food as well, such as lollies, chocolate or even fresh fruit. Of course, it’s impossible to predict just what will be eaten and when. Save costs and avoid food wastage by investing in some food storage solutions, such as a vacuum sealer, sealed containers and ziplock bags. This way, the office food will last for longer and you will save money!

Store valuable goods effectively

Other items found in the storage room of a business often consist of important files, documents and books. But how will you keep these vital papers away from pests and decay? A key habit to get into is to start storing your documents in metal or plastic boxes, as opposed to cardboard. That way, pests like termites, cockroaches and rats won’t be able to chew through the box. If you want to go one step further, a shrink wrapper can maintain your document’s lifespan far longer than any other storage system.

Labels are your friend

A storage room is only as good as its labels! A business storage room will be home to many items of all various natures. Food, documents, lost property, safety wear, stationery, to name a few. When organising your storage room, take the time to make clear and concise labels with custom printing tapes.

Rubber bands, cable ties and sticky tape

Another great storage room staple to have on hand is a good collection rubber bands, cable ties and adhesive tapes. These are the items that you only ever seem to need when they aren’t around! Don’t be left stranded and frustrated next time you’re trying to store some difficult-to-seal items, and make sure you have a good selection of these basic items on hand.

It’s as easy as having the basics on hand, and perhaps having one or two machines to do the heavy duty sealing work. Whether that be a pallet wrapper, a shrink wrapper or a vacuum sealer, you won’t know what you did before it! As well as this, make sure the room itself is organised in an effective flow, and all items are clearly labelled. This will not only save you time, but will also cut costs for your business as well – which is what success is all about.

Taping Your Potential: How Adhesives Can Help You Stick To Your Next DIY Project

Are you looking for a passionate DIY project to throw yourself into this season? Or perhaps you just want to fix up a few things around your home? Did you know that adhesive tape can be utilised in a multitude of DIY projects, renovations and revitalisation of things around the home and workplace? There are many types of adhesive tape out there, with a range of uses from art, framing and construction. We’ve put together the 5 main types of adhesive tape that can help you stick to your next DIY project.

Strapping tape

A durable, strong-binding adhesive often used in carton reinforcing, strapping tape can be an incredibly valuable resource to those hoping to become a denizen of DIY living. On an industrial level, strapping tapes are used broadly throughout distribution processes for heavy duty binding and carton reinforcing. Our strapping tape range also includes 1-way and 2-way reinforced filament tape with a 50-63kg breaking force. Moreover, we stock strapping tape in a range of colours and sizes, for all your project needs.

Gummed paper tape

In businesses, this kind of kraft backed tape is mainly used for sealing boxes to be stored in cold environments containing items to be refrigerated or frozen. However, on a creative level, gummed kraft paper tape and rubber solvent adhesive tapes for carton sealing, colour coding, book binding and picture framing. Venhart gummed paper tapes come with water-activated backing, natural rubber or synthetic adhesive.

Foam tape

For anyone looking to build or rebuild an object, foam tapes come in rolls and pads for mounting, bonding, air and dust sealing, water sealing, joining and sound insulation. Venhart single and double-sided foam tapes and foam pads are also used in the transportation, construction and glazing industries. Our foam tapes are made of high quality foam with the option of natural or synthetic rubber adhesive, ranging  in widths from 12mm – 32mm, and coming in variable lengths.

Masking tape

Masking tape can be used broadly indoors and outdoors, in high and low temperature environments and often used by painters to create sharp paint lines. A staple for the DIY master, our masking tape widths range from 12 – 72mm and 50m lengths.

Cloth tapes

We are a leader in the cloth & book binding tape in Australia due to the quality and range of our cloth tapes. Cloth tapes have a wide application, not only being used in book binding, but in events and safety management, and ventilation work. Our cloth tapes come in over 12 colours and multiple width and lengths, suitable for any DIY adventure.

Not only do we have this wide range of adhesive tapes to suit your DIY needs, we also make customised printed tapes and specialty tapes, to suit an array of business or personal events. If you are attempting a DIY project at home or at work, why not give us a call today on (03) 9428 1652, and see what products we have that can help you get over the creative finish line.