What is the Most Eco-friendly Packing Tape?

Whenever presented with the opportunity to protect our environment, always opt to do your part. It’s wonderful to know we can all play a small part in saving our environment and making more eco-friendly decisions in our businesses. As a business owner, you have the responsibility to ask the relevant questions about packaging used in your warehouse or despatch dept. When you choose paper tape to seal your packages, you have to make sure they are recyclable and eco-friendly.

At Venus Packaging, we take pride in ensuring our water-activated paper tape is eco-friendly with zero toxins and even odourless. Our conscientious vegan customers can also take comfort knowing our paper tape contains vegetable glue to seal cartons up to an approximate weight of 35kg.

Venus Packaging has a range of wholesale packaging supplies to suit your every need including eco-friendly options. Educate yourself on this niche to make the right decisions in future.

Eco-Friendly Tape

The goal of picking an eco-friendly tape is to minimise waste and cut down on the amount of recycling required. What you’re looking for when selecting packing tape is an adhesive that can get the job done with minimal impact on our environment.

Paper tape: Also known as water-activated tape or gummed paper tape. It’s used for closing cartons mostly but has other applications. Paper tape provides maximum strength and is tear-resistant. At Venus Packaging, we have a full range of paper tapes available to suit all your requirements, including different paper weights and reinforced. White paper is also available along with the standard brown.

The Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Tapes

Besides doing your bit for the environment, here are some more benefits of picking quality suppliers and products for all your taping needs:

  • The best paper tapes are solvent and chemical-free
  • Features like three-way glass fibre reinforcement can provide maximum strength
  • High-end products can be used in multiple applications with excellent results

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong when opting for our paper tape when selecting an adhesive tape for repairing and sealing cartons. It’s the safest and most efficient way to seal your goods. Keep in mind that our paper tapes are eco-friendly giving you comfort knowing you’re playing your part in protecting our environment.

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