Fruit Tree Netting & Citrus Bags

See our range of Venet packaging and produce netting, including fruit netting bags, which are widely used for the packaging of onions, garlic, shallots, avocados etc. and ensure breathability and flexibility for your products.

Clipping Tools

Venhart Hand Clippers are used in the construction industry, public works and general farming etc. for making plastic net, oyster cages, hen houses, joining protective netting for fruit trees, landscaping barriers for stones and debris, securing trellises to building facades and in vineyards for holding up vines. (Alternative to Venhart vinyl ties) Venhart Hand Net Clippers can also be used for closing Venhart produce, citrus netting and oyster bags.

Knives & Cutters

An extensive range of cutters and knives for cutting paperboard, plastic, carpet and strapping. We have in stock safety cutters, carton openers, super grip knives, utility knives, box cutters and spring loaded cutters.

Packaging Tapes

Our Packaging Tape range includes a broad range of tapes for multiple applications. The range includes PVC tape, PP tape, and polypropylene tape with natural or rubber solvent adhesive. Our popular C20 range of tapes is also featured here.

Pallet Wrap, Pallet Netting & Shrink Hoods

Explore our wide range of pallet wrap, stretch wrap, shrink wrap, pallet netting and pallet hoods. We have an extensive range of sizes and gauges.