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Price Labellers

Price labellers and pricing guns to print and dispense labels. Models include single line print, double line print, lightweight and economy models. Good selection of price labels to suit pricing guns also available and in stock.

  • hand-labeller-no26-mkIV

    Price Labeller No 26 MKIV Single Line

    Premium Product

    The latest improvements to this lightweight model include a smoother dispensing action and easier loading. The fully enclosed label roll is protected from soiling. Prints 8 digits, numerals only. Uses labels 13mm x 21mm. Weight 250g.
  • hand-labeller-no60b

    Price Labeller No 60B Two Line

    Premium Product

    Economy model. Prints 10 digits per line at 90 degrees to conventional labellers. The first line is alpha, the second numeric. Improved, easier loading. Uses labels 16mm x 23mm. Weight 365g.
  • Price Labeller 60A

    Price Labeller No 60A

    Premium Product

    Heavy duty. Prints 10 digits per line; the first line alpha, the second numeric. Easy lever action and simple ink roller replacement. Uses labels 15.42mm x 24mm. Weight 350g.
  • hand-labeller-super-8

    Price Labeller SUPER 8

    Premium Product

    The SUPER 8 Price Labeller has advanced operation and a one touch system to print and dispense price labels. The imprint is clear and precise, the unit lightweight and it is easy to set up, use and maintain.
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    Price Labels

    Premium Product

    We stock a broad range of labels to suit all our price labellers.