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Net Clipping Tools

Venhart Hand Net Clippers are used in the construction industry, public works and general farming etc. for making plastic net, oyster cages, hen houses, joining protective netting for fruit trees, landscaping barriers for stones and debris, securing trellises to building facades and in vineyards for holding up vines. (Alternative to Venhart vinyl ties) Venhart Hand Net Clippers can also be used for closing Venhart produce, citrus and oyster bags.

  • hand-clipper-vhTR40

    Hand Clipper VH TR40

    Premium Product

    Hand clippers designed for the installation and grouping of irrigation pipes.
    • Uses TR40 galvanized staples.
  • hand-clipper-vhFJ26

    Hand Clipper VHFJ26

    Premium Product

    Hand clippers designed for vine tying.
    • Uses FJ26 galvanised staples.
  • hand-clipper-vhA40

    Hand Clipper VHA40

    Premium Product

    Hand clippers designed for cage construction.
    • Uses A40 galvanised staples.
  • hand-clipper-vhFJ18C

    Hand Clipper VHFJ18C

    Premium Product

    the VH-FJ18C hand clippers are designed for cage and greenhouse construction.
    • Uses VR 18 staples.
  • hand-clipper-vr60-series

    Hand Clipper VR60 Series

    Premium Product

    Magazine holds 75 Venhart VR18 (18mm) galvanised clips and the jaws are adjustable to exert a closing pressure of up to 1900kg. Air supply 90psi.
  • hand-clipper-vhtg16

    Hand Clipper VHTG Series

    Premium Product

    VHTG16,VHTG18 and VHTG20. Each model weighs only 360 grams and holds 50 'omega' shaped clips with no sharp edges. Use Venhart VR16 (16mm), VR18 (18mm) or VR20 (20mm) clips.