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Plastic Films

Our plastic film range includes pallet wrap, shrink film, PVC film, food wrap, polythene tubing, bubble pack, pallet shrink bags, industrial builder’s film, and dry cleaning film.

  • pallet-wrap

    Machine Pallet Stretch Film / Pallet Wrap

    Premium Product

    Pallet wrap (centre), used with pallet wrapping machines to secure palletized loads. Made from 3 layer cast linear low density polythene (LLDPE) and available in a wide range of lengths and several thicknesses.
    • All rolls 500mm wide.
    • Roll length options: 1200m, 1500m, 1800m, 2000m & 2200m.
    • Thicknesses: 15um, 17um, 18um, 20um & 23um.
    • All sizes available in natural.
    • 500mm x 1200m x 23um also available in black.
    • Download sizing chart for full range.
  • shrink-a-pack-III-300

    PVC Shrink Film

    Premium Product

    Popular biaxially oriented film used in a variety of machines and wrapping applications. Broadly used with shrink packaging machines to achieve professional & transparent finish. Our LW44 PVC Centrefold shrink film shrinks almost instantly at temperatures from 93 to 177 degrees celsius.
    • Roll lengths available: 450m, 600m & 950m.
    • Varying centrefold widths available.
    • Thickness options: 12.5um, 19um, 25um.
    • Download sizing chart for information on full range.
    • Perfectly clear finish.
  • polyolefin-shrink-film-xop27

    Polyolefin Shrink Film

    Premium Product

    Due to its high oxygen and low water permeability, polyolefin film is particularly suitable for food packaging, although applications for this film are very broad.
    • 2 Polyolefin options: Straight polythene (XOP POL) or Polythene & Polypropylene (XOP 27/28).
    • Roll length options: 450m, 600m & 1200m.
    • Thicknesses available: 15um, 19um & 25um.
    • Not all lengths available in all thicknesses.
    • Download sizing chart for full range.
  • Young Man In Dry Cleaning Store

    Dry cleaning Tubing & Bags

    Premium Product

    Continuous tubing: 10 microns thick. Low density polyethylene (LDPE) tubing, 560mm wide x 914.4 metres. Pre-sealed Bags: Rolls of pre-sealed bags, perforated to length and shoulder shaped. Perforated every 760mm, 1200 bags per roll. Perforated every 910mm, 1000 bags per roll. Perforated every 1220mm, 750 bags per roll. Perforated every 1520mm, 600 bags per roll.
  • venlyn-skin-film

    Skin Film

    Premium Product

    Venlyn Skin Film and Polythene/EVA Skin Film both provide optimum protection and a professional and transparent presentation for a wide range of card-mounted products from heavy, sharp, rust prone items to breakable items such as toys and cookware.
    • Download sizing chart for information on full range.
  • bubble-wrap-in-use

    Bubble Pack

    Premium Product

    Bubble pack protects fragile and valuable items from shock and scuffing during handling, storage and transport.
    • 80um thick.
    • 50 metre rolls: Width 500mm; Bubble diametre 10mm; Height 4.5mm.
    • 100 metre rolls: Width 1500mm; Bubble diametre 10mm; Height 4.5mm.
    • 100metre rolls: Width 1500mm; Bubble diametre 20mm; Height: 6.5mm.
  • vencling-cling-films

    Food Film

    Premium Product

    PVC Vegiewrap keeps vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, sweet corn and strawberries fresh and appealing at the point of sale. Made from soft, clear PVC with a green or champagne tint. Vencling Cling Film offers outstanding softness, flexibility and clarity, perfect for use by caterers. PVC Meatwrap, with its high water and oxygen transmission properties, allow the meat to breath which prevents fogging and helps the meat retain its freshness.
    • PVC Vegewrap available in 3 sizes and 2 thicknesses.
    • Vencling Cling Film available with cutter boxes & rolls.
    • Vencling Film & boxes available in various sizes and thicknesses.
    • PVC Meatwrap available in a variety of lengths, width & thicknessess.
    • Download sizing chart for full range.
  • pallet-shrink-hoods

    Pallet Shrink Bags

    Premium Product

    Large gussetted bags are ideal to cover pallets or bulky items; a great alternative to shrink wrap and strong enough to secure heavy loads. Made with gussetted sides to easily fit over most loaded pallets. Pallet shrink bags come in rolls of continuous shrink tubing made from 100 micron thick, low density polythene (LDPE).
    • Simply slip bag over the pallet and use the Venus Gas Gun to shrink.
    • With perferations: 1220mm x 1220mm, perforated every 2100mm.
    • 40 bags per roll.
    • Unperforated: 1220mm x 1220mm x 111metres.
  • pallet-wrap

    Hand Pallet Stretch Film / Stretch Wrap

    Premium Product

    Hand stretch wrap is typically used with a hand wrap dispenser in lower volume packaging operations. Made from 3 layer cast linear low density polythene (LDPE).
    • 300m, 400m and 450m rolls available.
    • Widths: 125mm or 500mm.
    • Thicknesses:
    • 10um to 23um.
    • Download sizing chart for full range.
  • polythene-tubing

    Polythene Tubing

    Premium Product

    Polyethene sleeve on a roll for made to size bags; for use with Venus Heat Sealers and other heat sealing machinery. Polythene tubing is available in a range of sizes and widths.
    • 50um standard thickness.
    • Download sizing chart for full range of options.