• Automatic Heat Sealer VHIFTD III 455

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    This Automatic Heat Sealer, VHIFTD MkIII, differs from the model above as it comes with a strong 5mm wide seal (rather than the 10mm wide seal in the models above). This heat sealer is available in one machine width, 450mm.  The benefit of these models, compared with other heat sealers, is that they offer an automatic program to speed up output, and also come with double sealing elements (on the top and bottom jaws), to ensure optimum sealing. This model also features increased ability to fine tune the heating and sealing process, with adjustable conjealing and sealing times.

    • Seal length: 450mm.
    • Seal width: 5mm double.
    • Film thickness: 2 x 400um.
    • Suitable film: polythene and polypropylene bags.
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