• Hot Melt – Pressure Sensitive – Adhesive 902PL

    Premium Product

    This eco-freindly product is completely odourless so is a good alternative  to solvent or water-based glues where toxicity and flammability might be a concern. The Venus 902-PL is suggested for  more demanding pressure sensitive applications, such as pallet stabilization, due to its high levels of shear strength and toughness.

    It is best used at temperatures between 140-180°C depending on the substrates to be bonded; and as a result is ideal to be used in spray form. It has a medium molten tack and permanent open time. It is sold in 15kg cartons.

    • Brown/Amber in colour
    • Completely odourless
    • Permanent open time
    • Comes in pillow format
    • Sold in 15kg cartons
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