• Pedestal Heat Sealer VHVD 309, 459 & 609

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    The Venus VHVD is an adjustable head impulse sealer. This heat sealer sits on a pedestal stand and the sealing head can be adjusted in order to more efficiently and effectively seal bags of unique shapes, or of significant weight.  The sealing head can be rotated and set in 5 different positions, from horizontal to vertical, to suit a variety of packaging applications and conveyor systems. The VHVD comes complete with seal time control, foot pedal and tray.

    • Seal length options: 300mm, 400mm & 600mm
    • Seals polythene & polypropylene bags.
    • Seal width: 2 x 10mm sealing jaws.
    • Seal thickness: up to 2 x 200 microns.
    • Foot operated
    • Adjustable sealing time
    • Automatic sealing option
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