• Venus Extra Orange Big Bale Twine

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    Developed to supersede our original red big bale twines, Extra Orange suits low to medium density big squares (depending on crop and moisture content). With a knot strength of 185kg and 2610m in a bag, this high visibility twine has been widely accepted since 2005 for some of the older type balers.

    Venus Extra Orange Big Bale Twine is great for medium square balers and for economy where high density and low moisture content are not required.

    • Spools per pack: 2
    • Metres per spool: 1305
    • Metres per pack: 2610
    • Knot strength (kgf): 205
    • Tensile strength (kgf): 271
    • kg per pack: 18
    • Packs per pallet: 56
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