• Venus Extra Yellow 1980m Big Bale Twine

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    Our strongest big bale twine but now superseded because of the introduction of ultra-high density big square baler machines, Extra Yellow has a knot strength of 260kg allowing it to perform on what were the previous high density bales (depending on crop and moisture content) in balers like the Massey Ferguson XD’s. Available in 1980m/pack or 2255m/pack, Extra Yellow is made for Australian conditions including UV resistance.

    Venus Extra Yellow is a tried and true twine used in many balers across Australia. Recent testing shows it also performs well for high density, low moisture content baling with the Massey Ferguson XD baler. It’s bright, easy to see and extremely strong. Venus Extra Yellow is available in two pack sizes, 1980 metres & 2255 metres.


    • Spools per pack: 2
    • Metres per pack: 1980
    • Knot strength (kgf): 260
    • Tensile strength (kgf): 372
    • kg per pack: 18
    • Packs per pallet: 56
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