• Venus Sleeve Shrink 500

    Premium Product

    The all-in-one sleeve wrapping shrink system. Individual items such as bottles, cans, boxes, jars and cartons of different sizes are sleeve wrapped into one manageable package. The sleeve shrink system is used for a variety of products including beverages, wine and spirits, food, chemicals, cosmetics and detergents. Please note: to ensure sufficient film coverage the package length + height or length + width cannot exceed the film width of 480mm. Use with PE, PVC and Polyolefin shrink films.

    • Max. pack size (LxWxH): 300mm x 470mm x 230mm.
    • Max. film width: 480mm.
    • Machine size (LxWxH): 1900mm x 870mm x 1720mm.
    • Machine weight: 135kg.
    • Power supply: 415v 3ph 50Hz.
    • Air supply: 6 bar.
    • 12 month warranty.
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