Retail & Commercial Trades

Tapes, Ties & Glues

Extensive range of adhesive tapes, tape dispensers, cable & twist ties, hot melt glue & glue guns. Our tape range includes cloth tapes, double-sided tapes, packaging, strapping and masking tapes.

Plastic Bags

We have been a wholesaler of plastic bags throughout Australia for many years. Our range covers clear polythene bags, vacuum food bags, stand up food pouches, reusable ‘magic seal’ bags, zip-slider bags, carry bags and fresh produce bags. Our range is used for repackaging foods such as nuts, spices, and bakery produce, medical instruments and disposal packaging, trade show bags, ice bags and heavy duty bags for industrial use.

We have multiple thicknesses available in most of our bag ranges. Our thicknesses are measured in ‘microns’; the higher the micron the thicker the plastic bag is.

Once you have the right bag it’s important to seal it properly. Bag Neck sealers seal bags with tape, such as bakery produce; if sealing frozen goods or other perishable foods a heat sealer might be required. Ice bags require metal clips and stand up pouches and coffee bags, a constant heat sealer.

Adhesive Tapes

We supply one of Australia’s broadest ranges of adhesive tapes including high quality gaffer (cloth) tapes, electrical tapes, 100% recyclable paper tapes, cross weave filament tapes, masking tapes, PVC and packaging tapes (including printed and warning tapes).  Our staff can advise on the best taping solution for your business.

Plastic Films

Our plastic film range includes pallet wrap, shrink film, PVC film, food wrap, polythene tubing, bubble pack, pallet shrink bags, industrial builder’s film, and dry cleaning film.

Knives & Cutters

An extensive range of cutters and knives for cutting paperboard, plastic, carpet and strapping. We have in stock safety cutters, carton openers, super grip knives, utility knives, box cutters and spring loaded cutters.

Tagging Guns & Pins

Tagging guns and pins for use in pricing, tagging and quilting. Our tagging gun is a lightweight, durable structure and comes with wrist strap and fine needle. Venhart also offers a range of tagging pins in different lengths and sizes.

Hydraulic Lift & Flat Bed Trolleys

We have a range of flatbed trolleys, two-level platform trolleys, hydraulic lift trolleys and upright hand tolleys. Depending on the application and the load our staff can assist with the right trolley for your business.

Price Labellers

Price labellers and pricing guns to print and dispense labels. Models include single line print, double line print, lightweight and economy models. Good selection of price labels to suit pricing guns also available and in stock.