Food Packaging

High quality wholesale food packaging supplies

At Venus Packaging we are committed to supplying you with wholesale food packaging supplies of a premium quality at a competitive price. Our food packaging supplies include items such as; plastic bags, food wrap dispensers, vacuum sealers and much more. Our food packaging supplies can service a wide range of industries and businesses. Browse our range below or contact us today!

Plastic Bags

We have been a wholesaler of plastic bags throughout Australia for many years. Our range covers clear polythene bags, vacuum food bags, stand up food pouches, reusable ‘magic seal’ bags, zip-slider bags, ...Read More

Plastic Films

Our plastic film range includes pallet wrap, shrink film, PVC film, food wrap, polythene tubing, bubble pack, pallet shrink bags, industrial builder’s film, and dry cleaning film. Our PVC shrink film has ...Read More

Food Wrap Dispensers

Used widely in fresh food preparation, production and display, the Venus Food Wrap or Cling Film dispensers are easy to use and produce a professional looking product that retains freshness and maintains ...Read More

Vacuum Packaging Machines & Vacuum Chambers

Our range of vacuum chambers have all of your produce sealing needs covered. The vacuum sealer you require will vary depending on what you plan on sealing and what you need your ...Read More

Vacuum Sealers

We offer a broad range of domestic and commercial vacuum sealers and vacuum chambers depending on the output required. Smaller vacuum sealer machines can easily be transported and used anywhere. Food sealing ...Read More


One of our most popular products is our Shrink-a-pack system. The all-in-one shrink wrapping system produces perfectly and professionally shrink wrapped products for one economical price. The system comes in a range ...Read More

Band Sealers

Band sealing machines seal polythene, polypropylene, PVC, laminate aluminium-film, and paper-poly coated plastic bags – a continuous packaging line in one compact machine that seals the tops of the bagged products as ...Read More

Fruit Tree Netting & Citrus Bags

We stock a full range of fruit and vegetable netting. Our netting bags are used to pack onions, limes, garlic, oranges, avocados, lemons, nuts, plums and passionfruit. Netting ensures breathability for produce ...Read More

Net Clipping Machines

Automatic, single or double chute, Venhart Net Clipping Machines provide a practical solution for packing products in net bags.  Used widely in the food packaging industry to pack citrus, potatoes, onions, nuts ...Read More
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