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Small Square Bale Twines

Our Small Square Bale Twines are UV stabilised polypropylene or sisal twines for small square bales of all sizes and weights.

Our high-quality baling twine ensures secure and efficient baling, providing strength and reliability in every bundle. Explore our range now for the perfect baling solution for your farm or business.

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Venus Premium Blue 4000m

Our strongest small square bale twine with a Knot strength of 88kg...

Product Image

Venus Premium Red 3000m

A softer natural fibrillated twine  which prevents knot slippage. Higher tensile and...

Product Image

Venhart Premium Black 3000m

Our original small square twine proven in the field since 1990. Carbon ...

Product Image

Venus Blue 3000m

Introduced by request for easier visibility on the bale and in the...

Product Image

Cardinal Sisal Green Baler Twine 3000m

A strong natural fibre twine treated with insect and rodent repellant. Popular...

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