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Round Bale Twines

Venus Round Bale Twines are heavy duty, UV stabilised polypropylene and sisal twines for all types of round bales and crops.


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Venus Round Blue 10150m Baler Twine

Venus Round Bale Blue is a traditional round baler twine that is...

Product Image

Venus Round Red 9750m Baler Twine

Venus Round Red is the traditional round baler twine proven in the...

Product Image

Venus Medium Blue 7000m Baler Twine

The Venus Medium Blue is a thicker, heavier round bale twine of...

Product Image

Cardinal Sisal Golden Binder Twine 6402m

The Cardinal Sisal Binder Twine is rot and mildew resistant and treated...

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Cardinal Sisal Silage Twine 5000m

The Cardinal Sisal Silage is a natural sisal twine used in silage...

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