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Accessories for Audion Magneta Heat Sealers

The following accessories are available for use with Magnetas and Magenta Motor Heat Sealers:

  • heat-sealer-film-racks

    Set of Rollers (SR)

    Premium Product

    A set of film holding rollers that provide smooth delivery of tubular film. The set includes the Polylock device that prevents film from retracting.
  • magneta-motor-mgm-angle-device-01

    Angle Device (AD)

    Premium Product

    For use with Audion Magneta Motor MGMi and MGMDS models only. Allows the machine to operate at steeper angles for sealing heavy items supported by the Bag Support Plate. The shape of the device provides two different angles according to which way it is mounted.
  • magneta-motor-mgm-in-use

    Bag Support Plate

    Premium Product

    A sturdy height adjustable support that clamps to the Stand (above) to hold large or heavy items up to 25kg.
  • magneta-foot-pedal-and-chain

    Foot Pedal and Chain

    Premium Product

    For the Audion Magneta standard models only*. Attaches to the Stand (above) or bolts to the floor for hands-free operation when Audion Magneta is installed on a benchtop. Available separately or included with the Stand (above). * Note: Venus Audion Magneta Motor models come complete with an Electric Foot Switch.
  • Work Table for Magneta

    Work Table

    Premium Product

    The worktable is equipped with adjustable bag holder to easily handle different bags sizes. This work surface adjusts to 6 different angles to suit a variety of applications.
  • magneta-foot-pedal-and-chain


    Premium Product

    A sturdy platform with a large ‘footprint’ for excellent stability. Includes a foot pedal and chain for use with standard Audion Magneta models*. *Venus Audion Magneta Motor models come complete with an Electric Foot Switch.
  • Polylock for Magneta


    Premium Product

    A locking device that holds tubular film in place to prevent it from retracting. Available separately or included with the Set of Rollers (as listed here).