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Mail Bagging Systems

We offer two options to efficiently and easily prepare printed materials for postage, the Venus Mailbagger or the Venus Horizontal Mailbagger. Both machines use polythene or PVC tubing to wrap and heat seal printed materials in one easy action.

  • Mailbagger

    Premium Product

    The Venus Mailbagger is the economical way to prepare magazines, catalogues and other printed matter for mailing. The item is simply placed in the chute and the machine automatically wraps, seals and trims to make a perfectly formed and transparent bag ready for mailing. Depending on speed of operator, expect to pack upto 1200 polythene or PVC wrapped items per hour.
    • Minimum package size: 150mm wide x 50mm long.
    • Maximum package size: 260mm wide x 340 mm long.
    • Maximum thickness: up to 15mm.
    • Suitable films: Polythene or PVC.
    • Machine size (LxWxH) mm: 930mm x 640mm x 1150mm.
    • Machine weight: 95kg; Power Supply: 240v, 2A.
    • Approximate output: 20 items per minute.
    • 12 month warranty.
  • Horizontal Mailbagger

    Premium Product

    Ideal for wrapping and mailing newspapers, magazines, catalogues and publications, our new Horizontal Mailbagger provides the same great quality of wrap the Mailbagger offers, however items are fed into the wrapper from a horizontal integrated conveyor. Easy to use and maintain, the operator simply has to feed items directly onto the infeed conveyer which carries items towards the sealing area. The items are then sealed and carried through to an optional conveyer or into into a mailing bin.
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