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Vacuum Sealers

We offer a broad range of domestic and commercial vacuum sealers and vacuum chambers depending on the output required.

Smaller vacuum sealer machines can easily be transported and used anywhere. Food sealing and storing at home is made easier with a food vacuum sealer, as the size of stored food is reduced and preservation time is extended. The smaller, often domestic use machines, need to use channelled or embossed food vacuum sealer bags. This is because the less powerful machines require the channels in the bags to draw the air out of the bag prior to sealing. The larger, industrial, ‘in-chamber’ vacuum sealer machines can use flat or channelled vacuum bags. Venus stocks food vacuum sealer bags for all of our machines.

Regardless of the model, the use of vacuum sealing has a range of benefits including food preservation and professional presentation. Our vacuum sealer machines and chamber vacuum sealers are used broadly in the food packaging and food services industries.

  • VH529 Vacuum Sealer

    Premium Product

    Our newest vacuum sealer, the VH 529 finished in heavy duty stainless steel is ideal for home or low level commercial use. It is easy to store, requires no warm up, and delivers a professional and tamper-proof finish. The VH 529 Vaccum Sealer uses 30cm Venus Vacuum Bag Rolls which are easily stored within the vacuum sealer itself (see image).
    • 240V / 50Hz,180W, 180 Watts power and heavy duty DC motor.
    • Dual-pump for heavy duty use, Maximum vacuum pressure up to - 0.9Bar.  
    • Twin-seal for reliable and positive bag seal.      
    • "Pulse" function to manually control the vacuum pressure inside the bags.  
    • Digital control panel with indicator lights to show operation and progress.
    • Designed with convenient power cord storage, for when not in use.
    • Comes with hose adaptor to enable vacuum sealing of canisters. (Canisters not included)
  • Domestic Vacuum Sealer VH329

    Premium Product

    The entry level vacuum sealer, ideal for low level commercial use or domestic use. Use with Venus Vac bags and rolls. It is important to used channelled or embossed vacuum bags and rolls with any 'out of chamber' vacuum sealer. Standard/industrial vacuum bags (for 'in-chamber' vacuum sealers) will not work with this vacuum sealer.
    • Size (L x W x H): 455mm x 232mm x 119mm
    • Seal length: 280mm.
    • Inbuilt roll holder and sliding cutter.
    • Casing: ABS Plastic.
    • Power: 240v/50Hz 100w.
    • Machine weight: 2.88kg.
    • Please note only channelled/embossed vacuum bags and rolls can be used.
  • Set of 3 canisters to use with VH329

    Premium Product

    Choose to seal food inside vacuum bags or canisters. These set of 3 canisters comes with connector to provide a strong barrier against oxygen transmission to keep food fresher for longer.
    • Canister sizes: 750ml, 1.4ltr, 2 ltr.
    • Transparent.
    • Can be used in freezer.
  • Vacuum Sealer VHOC310

    Premium Product

    The next step up from the VH329 in fully out-of-chamber vacuum sealers. This is a slightly larger vacuum sealer designed for higher output. This out of chamber vacuum sealer should be used with Venus channelled vacuum bags and rolls. Bags for 'in-chamber' vacuum chambers are not suitable.
    • Size (L x W x H): 360mm x 265mm x 126mm.
    • Seal length: 310mm.
    • ABS Plastic body.
    • Machine weight: 3.36kg.
    • Please note only channelled/embossed vacuum bags should be used.
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