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Banding & Tying Machines

Venhart banding machines delicately and efficiently bundle together product ready for presentation and shipping. Broadly used in the printing industry, banding machines produce a professionally finished bundle of printed matter, by strapping high volumes of loose items together.

  • Banding Machine VH360PF

    Premium Product

    The Venhart VH360P/F Banding Machine applies paper or film banding tape at up to 30 bands per minute. Automatic or manual operation. Adjustable temperature, cooling time and tension. A safety switch stops the machine automatically when the door is opened. 12 month warranty.
    • Speed: 30 straps per minute.
    • Strap width: 30mm.
    • Min. package size (WxH): 30mm x 10mm.
    • Max. package size (WxH): 420mm x 210mm.
    • Tension: adjustable 5 to 30N.
    • Machine weight kg: 25.5kg.
    • Power supply: single phase 240v.
    • Machine size (LxWxH): 570mm x 282mm x 488mm.
  • Banding Machine Paper & Film Rolls

    Premium Product

    Banding machine paper and film rolls for use with the VH360PF and VH301F benchtop banding machines (above).
    • Brown Paper Tape 30mm x 190m
    • White paper tape 30mm x 190m.
    • Clear PP film (110um) 30mm x 200m.
    • All tapes 40 rolls per carton.
  • Tying Twine PE28 & PE35

    Premium Product

    Flat PE Tying Twine PE28 & PE35 suitable for use with the Venus String Tyer above.
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