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Rubber Bands

  • venhart-rhodamine-red-rubber-bands

    Venhart Pure Rubber Bands

    Premium Product

    Venhart Rubber Bands are made from 97% pure rubber. They are much stronger and yet lighter weight than bands made from compounds, therefore bags contain more bands per kilogram.
    • Rubber content: 97%.
    • Breaking force (kg): 2.22.
    • Elongation (%): 700
    • Tension set (max): 10
    • All figures above based on band 0.8mm thick x 1.5mm wide.
  • venband-rubber-bands

    VenBands 85% Rubber (compound rubber bands)

    Premium Product

    VenBands are made from 85% crepe rubber (15 - 20% compounds). They are suitable for most jobs and cost less per bag than pure rubber bands.
    • Rubber content: as low as 60%.
    • Breaking force (kg): as low as 1.82.
    • Elongation (%): 600
    • Tension set (max): 28
    • Bands per 500g approx.: as few as 2060.
    • All figure above based on band 0.8mm thick x 1.5mm wide.
  • banana-bands

    Banana Bands

    Premium Product

    Our No 160 Banana Bands in avocado green / yellow are used throughout the banana growing industry to support the growing of bananas. Our Banana Bands are UV stabilised, 116mm long, 13mm wide, 2mm thick and come in 1kg bags with approximately 110 bands per bag and 20 bags per carton.
  • chicken-loops

    Chicken Loops

    Premium Product

    Elastic chicken loops in natural white. 110mm long with 1,920 (approx.) units per bag, and 4 bags per carton.