• Audion Heavy Duty Power Sealer 520MV2

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    The Audion Power Sealer 520MV2 is a powerful, stainless steel vacuum sealer equipped with a vacuum nozzle and bi-active sealing bars. This machine can be used for vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging. It is available in two versions; a standard model and a model for validated sealing. This is particularly important in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, although validated packaging is becoming important in a in a range of industries now. The machine come standard with foot pedal operation.

    • Machine size (WxDxH): 590mm x 232mm x 487mm.
    • Seal length: 520mm.
    • Seal width: 8mm.
    • Film thickness: 40-400um.
    • Phase/volts: 1/230v.
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