• Fruit tree Netting

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    Protect your fruit trees, vegetables, vines and seedlings from bird damage with our fruit tree netting. Fruit tree Netting also helps to prevent damage to trees caused by large hailstones. Knitted Rolls: UV stabilised for up to 4 years. Mesh 16mm x 16mm. 300 denier. Tensile strength (filament) 1.25kg. Weight 19.5g m2. Rolls 300m x 7m and 300m x 15m. Colour white. Extruded Sheets: Light and strong UV resistant polythene. Will not absorb moisture. Colours: black and white. 4m wide in 5m, 15m and 50m* lengths. 20 per carton, (* white only, 4 per carton).

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