• Manual Net Clipping Machine P68

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    The P68 Net Clipping Machine is a manual, foot operated machine that applies clips to the tops of netting bags using an easy, foot pedal action. Commonly used for the packing of onions, citrus and other fruits and vegetables. This machine also comes with an optional second chute, offering a faster output. Operation is easy; the operator places the desired quantity of product down the chute, then pulls the netting down off the feeder to the desired length and places the top of the bag into the clipping jaws. The machine applies two clips; one closes the top of the filled bag and one closes the bottom of the next; whilst a cutting mechanism cuts the bag off the roll, separating it from the next bag.

    • Foot operated mesh bagging system.
    • Available with an optional double chute;
    • Machine weight: 45kg (single); 55kg (double).
    • Stainless steel table 700mm wide x 355mm deep.
    • Chute diameter: 160mm
    • Each chute holds approx 60 metres of VENET tubular netting.
    • Machine dimensions (maximum) including two chutes: 1630mm wide x 650mm deep x 1500mm high.
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