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No.220 Kraft Tape

Product Image - No.220 Kraft Tape

No.220 Kraft Tape

Product description

Made from high quality kraft paper and coated with hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive, Venhart’s No. 220 is suited to all  general packaging applications.

Features include robust adhesion, high tensile strength, exceptional  holding power, and resistance to curling. Venhart No. 220 Kraft Tape maintains tape stability even in diverse weather conditions.

Great for multiple sealing applications, such as sealing corrugated cardboard boxes, wood product stitching , securing corners of paper boxes, and bottom sealing of paper/woven bags.


  • General packaging purposes, where the sealing and bundling requirements do not necessitate the additional strength provided by reinforcement
  • Hand tearable for ease of use
  • Size: 48mm x 50m