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No.795 Washi Masking Tape UV (120°C)

Product Image - No.795 Washi Masking Tape UV (120°C)

No.795 Washi Masking Tape UV (120°C)

Product description

Venhart’s No. 795 Washi Masking Tape is a premium-grade green washi tape, with up to 30 days of UV resistance, making it ideal for extended usage. Crafted from washi paper with an eco water-based adhesive, it ensures clean edges and zero bleed-through, all while being better for the environment. Perfect for automotive industry applications  involving painting and baking coloured metal, No. 795 excels in high-temperature environments, withstanding up to 120°C. Its versatile usage extends to protecting objects from dust, overspray, and general damage prevention. What sets No. 795 apart is its easy removal and residue-free quality. This sustainable washi tape can be reapplied multiple times without compromising its adhesive capabilities. The acrylic adhesive further enhances its UV resistance properties, ensuring longevity and reliability in all  applications.


  • Water-based Acrylic Adhesive
  • UV Resistance: Up to 30 days
  • Can withstand high temperatures of up to 120°C
  • The acrylic adhesive enhances its UV resistance properties
  • Standard width 36mm
  • Core size 76mm
  • Tape performance is guaranteed within the first 12 months. Product must be kept in original box and dry away from direct sunlight