• Venhart Box Bottomer Foot Operated CP Series

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    The Venhart CP Series box bottomers close the bottom of cartons using the retractable anvil stapling system. This model is an excellent choice for entry level, lower output, applications. To increase the output, a Venhart Pneumatic box bottomer should be considered.

    To use this device the operator must invert the empty carton and place the unclosed box over the post. When the foot pedal is pressed the staple head firmly staples the box flaps together and the carton bottom is sealed.

    This model is manufactured in a sturdy welded steel construction with large foot pedal for easy and efficient operation. The magazine holds 240 staples, and depending on the operator, has an output of approximately 80 staples per minute. Weight 40kg.

    • CP32 18: Uses Vennhart D15 staples (32mm crown with 15mm leg).
    • CP34 18: Uses Venhart B15 and B18 staples 4mm crown with 15mm or 18mm leg).
    • CP35 15: Uses Venhart A15 staples (35mm crown with 15mm leg).
    • CP35 18: Uses Venhart A15 staples (35mm crown with 15mm leg) and Venhart A18 staples (35mm crown with 18mm leg).
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