• Venus Blue Big Bale Twine

    Premium Product

    Developed in 2000, Big Blue is popular due to it’s special formulation of polymers to develop a high knot & tensile strength and be highly visible on the bale. Suitable for medium density bales (depending on crop and moisture content), the fibrillation allows ease of knotting with a 204kg knot strength. Made specifically for Australian conditions with UV resistance.

    Like the Venus Extra Blue (above), but lighter weight pack.

    • Spools per pack: 2
    • Metres per spool: 1020
    • Metres per pack: 2040
    • Knot strength (kgf): 245
    • Tensile strength (kgf): 350
    • kg per pack: 17
    • Packs per pallet: 56
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