• Venus Premium Red 3000m

    Premium Product

    A softer natural fibrillated twine  which prevents knot slippage. Higher tensile and knot strength  for high density small square bales up to 32kg in weight. Softer twine causes less wear on the knotters of the baler. Knot strength of 74kg and Tensile strength of 130kg.

    Venus Premium Red is particularly suitable for medium density bales, and crops with low moisture content.

    • Spools per pack: 2
    • Metres per spool: 1500
    • Metres per pack: 3000
    • Tensile strength (kgf): 130
    • Knot strength (kgf): 74
    • kg per pack: 9.4
    • Packs per pallet: 100
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