• VH4500 Glue Gun Work Station

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    The 4500 Glue Gun Work Station can increase productivity significantly by allowing hands free gluing applications using the VH66B or VH66S Glue Guns (see below). The glue gun in mounted in the work station, and with the use of a foot pedal (or separately purchased timer) glue is dispensed in regular intervals. Purchasing the optional timer (4000-TK) enables a controlled amount of adhesive to be dispensed/applied. This improves quality, guarantees consistent bonding and can reduce the amount of adhesive used.

    • Converts VH66B & VH66S to statically mounted, foot operated glue station.
    • Hand free operation.
    • Optional timer (extra)
    • Dispenses glue at consistent quantities at regular intervals.
    • Ideal for applications requiring 'glue dots' such as magazine inserts & retail 'give aways'.
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