• VH93 Zapstrapper

    Premium Product

    The latest technology in battery powered, automatic PET & PP combination strapping tools for 12-16mm strapping. The Zapstrapper VH93, a sealess strapping tool, offers a single-handed operation, pre-programmed touch panel with digital signal to suit different operating needs. It is the lightest model in it’s class of power operated strapping tools, weighing around 3.4kg (including battery) which relieves operator fatigue.

    • Suitable to use with PP and PET strapping.
    • Strap width: 12 - 16mm.
    • Bosch© Li-Ion battery - 18v;
    • Rechargable battery with smart Charge Level Indicator (CLI).
    • Tension range: 10 - 250kg.
    • Includes Bosch 30 minute charger.
    • Smart & easy to use.
    • No metal seals required.
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