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Fruit Tree Netting & Citrus Bags

See our range of Venet packaging and produce netting, including fruit netting bags, which are widely used for the packaging of onions, garlic, shallots, avocados etc. and ensure breathability and flexibility for your products.

  • super-soft-bunch-seal-bags-3S3045-grapes

    Supersoft Bunch Sealed Netting Bags

    Premium Product

    Extra soft netting for plums, peaches, grapes & cherries and other delicate fruit and fresh produce. Each mesh is bounded by 3 extremely fine and flexible extruded filaments to distribute the weight evenly.
    • Maximum expanded width 350mm.
    • Available in natural, red, blue and green.
    • Length: 500mm.
    • 1000 per bundle.
  • super-soft-tubular-netting-rolls-3S3045

    Super Soft Tubular Netting Rolls

    Premium Product

    As with the super soft bunch sealed bags, these super soft tubular netting rolls offer a less abrasive net when packing delicate fruit to avoid the likelyhood of damage.
    • Excellent for packing delicate fruit.
    • 1000 metre rolls.
    • Colours available: red, blue and green.
    • Suitable for use on Venhart Net Clipping Machines.
  • fruit-tree-net

    Fruit tree Netting

    Premium Product

    Protect your fruit trees, vegetables, vines and seedlings from bird damage with our fruit tree netting. Also helps to prevent damage to trees caused by large hailstones. Knitted Rolls: UV stabilised for up to 4 years. Mesh 16mm x 16mm. 300 denier. Tensile strength (filament) 1.25kg. Weight 19.5g m2. Rolls 300m x 7m and 300m x 15m. Colour white. Extruded Sheets: Light and strong UV resistant polythene. Will not absorb moisture. Colours: black and white. 4m wide in 5m, 15m and 50m* lengths. 20 per carton, (* white only, 4 per carton).
  • minimesh-citrus-bags

    Minimesh Citrus Bags

    Premium Product

    Venet Minimesh Citrus Bags are made from fine but strong filaments with a sewn bottom and available in up to a 3.3kg capacity.
    • 4 sizes available.
    • Flat packed, 100 per pack, 1000 per carton.
    • Available in red only.
    • Dowload sizing chart for full range.
  • light-weight-citrus-bags

    Light Weight Citrus Bags

    Premium Product

    Large mesh citrus bags made from thick filaments with a strong, sewn bottom. Particularly suitable for grapefruit and oranges.
    • 3kg capacity.
    • One size only (w) x (l): 210mm x 530mm.
    • Flat packed, 100 per pack, 1000 per carton.
    • Available in red only.
  • drawstring-citrus-bags

    Drawstring Citrus Bags

    Premium Product

    Another handy citrus bag option, with a built-in drawstring which eliminates the need for clips or ties.
    • 3 kg capacity.
    • Thermo-welded bottom.
    • One size only: 230mm(w) x 530mm (l).
    • 1000 per pack.
    • Available in red only.
  • bunch-sealed-bags-with-purple-8540

    Bunch Sealed Netting Bags

    Premium Product

    Extruded bags with bottoms bunched and thermo-welded. Ideal for packing of fresh fruit and vegies. Broad range of colours available: natural, red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. 6 lengths available.
    • High quality, durable PE netting bags.
    • Maximum expanded width 410mm.
    • 7 colours available.
    • 6 lengths available.
    • Download sizing chart for full range.
  • continuous-netting

    Tubular Netting Rolls

    Premium Product

    Extruded netting rolls, for packing fruit and vegies, in 1000 metre length rolls. Generally for use for Venus Net Clipping Machines however can be used with net clipping hand tools also.
    • High quality, durable, PE Netting Rolls.
    • Maximum expanded width 410mm.
    • 7 colours available.
    • 1000 metre length rolls.
    • Ideal for use with Venhart Net Clipping Machines.
  • plant-support-netting

    Plant Support Net

    Premium Product

    Plant support net is perfect support for flowers, vines and climbing plants including passionfruit, beans and peas. Venet Plant Support Net is made from extruded polypropylene, with mesh size 150mm x 150mm. Weight 10g m2 (+-8%). UV stabilised.  Selvedge on one side. 20 rolls per pallet. Please Note: Venet Plant Support Net is white in colour.
    • Width 1.05m: 7 meshes, 10.5kg per roll.
    • Width 1.20m: 8 meshes, 12kg per roll.
    • Width 2m: 15 meshes, 20kg per roll.
    • Colour: white.