• Water Activated Definite Length Tape Dispenser V26L Magic

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    This new, and innovative, water-activated gummed paper dispenser operates using automatic detection of box dimensions, so tape is accurately dispensed for boxes with different dimensions without changing settings. The dispenser uses sensors to automatically detect box dimensions to dispense the correct length of tape. This reduces material waste and improves worker output. Tape is automatically dispensed via the foot switch/pedal, which further improves efficiency and output. This dispenser also comes with adjustable water heater temperature to aid with kraft tape adhesion.
    • Uses two sensors to automatically detect box dimensions.
    • Distance between the two sensors: Min - 50cm; Max - 200cm.
    • Cuts all types of gummed/kraft paper tape, standard or reinforced.
    • Adjustable water heater temperature.
    • Robust frame with varnished steel sides & near-silent operation.
    • Machine dimensions: 450 x 290 x 250mm (h); Machine weight: 12kg
    • Uses 240v power.
    • European made.
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