• Audion Futura FP Cel

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    The Futura Portable range of sealers are our most compact range of heat sealers. The Futura is a constant heat sealer and comes in four models for a wide number of applications.

    This FP Cel Hand Held Heat Sealer is for sealing cellulose films, waxed papers and foil laminates, up to 2 x 250um thick. The twin heated crimped seal jaws make a strong 15mm wide seal.

    • Heated jaws: 2.
    • Seal length: 150mm.
    • Seal width: 15mm.
    • Seal finish: crimped/ridged
    • Film thickness: 2 x 200um.
    • Suitable film: cellulose films, waxed papers and foil laminates.
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