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Benchtop Heat Sealer VHIFMC Mk III

Product Image - Benchtop Heat Sealer VHIFMC Mk III

Benchtop Heat Sealer VHIFMC Mk III

Product description

The VHIFMC features an electronic foot switch which triggers the motor to close the jaws and initiate the sealing cycle. The VHIFMC also features a slide across cutter as it is designed to be used with poly tubing. Using poly tubing, rathen than single bags, provides versatility in packing sizes, whilst also saving on costs and reducing packaging waste. 


  • Seal length options: 450mm
  • Seal width options: 2mm
  • Film thickness: 2 x 250um
  • Suitable film: polypropylene and polythene bags and tubing and laminates
  • Electonic foot switch/Motor operated
  • Comes complete with electronic foot switch

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