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Posted: 02/08/2023


It’s all about less downtime in baling of hay and silage crops which means rolls of netting and silage film are getting longer as well. Keeping up with the trend, Venus Packaging is adding to the popular TOTALCOVER range with longer rolls. The TOTALCOVER Gold will be available in 4000m rolls (up from 3150m) whilst the stronger white TOTALCOVER type 13 will be available in 3500m rolls (up from 3000m). There is no compromise on strength though as new advanced technology and production means equal or better strength can be maintained. The longer lengths will be available in standard 1.23m width as well as 1.30m for over-edge covering of round bales.

The range of premium European silage films is also increasing for Venus Packaging with the introduction of 1700M Powerstretch in a bulk 20 roll contractor pallet (no boxes to dispose of) and 1800m PowerUltra in a 22 micron thickness which allows even more bales (up to 20% more) to be wrapped before having to change rolls. For the cost conscious, Osprey Pro will be available as a 7 layer 25 micron 1650m roll (up from 1500m). Responses from last season suggested that it was adequately wrapping the limited silage cut and baled.

The standard trusted range of Powerstretch and VenusPowerXL silage films are still available as are the original lengths of TOTALCOVER until stocks run out.

Venus still has the largest range of twines for Big square balers to successfully bale any UHD, HD or regular big square bale. We also have round bale and small square bale twines, including Sisal.

Venus stock an extensive range of sizes of Silage Pit Covers up to 20m width in 200 micron thickness. A new addition this season will be Combi 150um Pit Cover combined with a 40 micron underlay. This ensures better sealing of the pit with less chance of air permeating into the silage. Get more details at

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