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Posted: 31/10/2019

What’s the best way to package food for retailers?

If you have any last minute pre-Christmas packaging concerns, consider some of the following machines and practices to ensure your product looks right and gets to its destination in one piece!

Shrink-a-pack – is good for large or small, straight edged products, although also effective on odd shaped items. Easy and very quick to use and comes in a variety of widths to suit you packing needs. It’s a simple shrink-wrapping system using PVC, polypropylene or polyolefin shrink film, and an included heat gun that shrinks the film neatly and cleanly to the product. Ideal for Christmas hampers and prize give-aways, used widely in retail shops, and fresh food operations, to securely seal product, avoid damage, and maintain freshness.

Vacuum Sealers and Chambers – For vacuum packed fresh goods for Christmas from everything from small goods to roasted meats, try using a vacuum sealer or larger vacuum chambers.   The VH329 vacuum Sealer is our entry level vacuum sealer.

VHIB Impulse Heat Sealers — The original and most popular heat sealer that seals items in polypropylene and polythene bags, tubing and stand up pouches. Can be used to seal and package a huge variety of bagged fresh produce and any bagged item really! These heat sealers are cost effective and very easy to use.

Band Sealers — The affordable bulk bag sealing solution for LDPE, PE, PP, PVC, cello and layered barrier bags, and is very popular to seal the tops of stand up pouches. With one compact machine you can set up your own packaging line. Simply feed the filled bags in at one end and they come out the other with their tops sealed. These types of band sealer machines are used broadly in food packaging, for everything from mixed lettuce leaves, to biscuits, chocolates and soups.

And we carry a broad supply of bags – magic seal, pouches, carry bags and poly bags to ensure your product looks good and travels well.



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