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Steel Strapping Hand Tools & Dispensers

  • no24ac-tensioner

    No 24AC Tensioner

    Premium Product

    Feedwheel type tensioner with unlimited take-up. Can be fed directly from the coil and used in any position. Has long 310mm cast iron handles, torsion spring loaded strap holder, steel feedwheel and gripper.
    • Suitable for 13mm, 16mm, & 19mm blue tempered & black painted steel strapping.
    • Weight: 2.05kg.
  • no24ic-tensioner

    No 24IC Tensioner

    Premium Product

    Feedwheel type tensioner, similar to No 24AC but with 240mm handle, wider base, gripper and feedwheel. The gripper and feedwheel act upon the full 19mm strap width to produce more efficient tensioning.
    • Takes up to 19mm wide black painted and blue tempered strapping.
    • Weight: 2.10kg.
  • vh334-sealless-combination

    VH334 Sealess

    Premium Product

    The VH334 sealess strapping tool eliminates the need for metal seals by joining the strap with an indented seal.
    • 12mm, 15mm and 19mm models available.
  • spinnox-b

    Spinnox B

    Premium Product

    The Spinnox B straps signs, conduit, etc. to poles. One end of a precut length of stainless steel strap is threaded through a buckle. The other end is looped around the pole, through the buckle, cutter and gripper. The strap is tightened by winding the handle, the end folded back and hammered flat then trimmed with the Spinnox cutter. Finally the buckle lugs are hammered flat.
    • Uses Venhart SS buckles.
    • Weight: 1.785kg
  • vh4-steel-strapping-dispenser

    VH4 Dispenser

    Premium Product

    The VH4 Steel Strapping Dispenser has four rollers to support the strapping within a welded triangular frame. To ensure a long life the strapping dispenser is made from 30mm diametre tubular steel.
    • Lightweight when empty.
    • Stable when loaded.
    • Takes a single steel strapping coil up to 19mm wide and 600mm diametre.
    • Weight: 5.30kg
  • vh11ss-steel-strapping-dispenser

    VH11SS Dispenser

    Premium Product

    The VH11SS mobile steel strapping dispenser is for use with steel strapping up to 20mm wide.
    • Handy tray for seals and tools.
    • H/D brake.
    • All steel construction.
    • Mobile unit sits on castors for easy movement around warehouse.
  • vh12ss-steel-strapping-dispenser


    Premium Product

    The VH12SS steel strapping dispenser takes a single roll of steel strapping for easy dispensing.
    • Comes with 2 wheels for easy mobility.
    • Handy tray for seals and tools.
  • no31c-shears

    No31D Shears

    Premium Product

    Long 230mm handles produce enough leverage to cut Venhart 19mm steel strapping with one action. Made from cast iron with plastic covered hand grips. Safety guard prevents the strap end from flicking up when cut.
    • Weight: 780g.
  • no21c-crimper

    No 21C Crimper

    Premium Product

    Made from formed steel with easily replaceable crimping teeth. The 240mm handles are curved for greater leverage and the crimping bars cut into the sides of the steel to produce a crimp with stronger grip.
    • Sizes to suit 13mm, 16mm & 19mm steel strap available.
    • Weight: 744g.
    • Uses Venhart SC, S & XSOL seals.