• Pneumatic Hotmelt Glue Gun VH66S

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    The VH66S Glue Gun, available with spray applicator, is a highly versatile tool which can be used with shaped or bulk adhesives. This glue gun is reliable and easy to use with a built-in melt chamber that allows the use of adhesives in granular form, pillows or 43mm slugs. The VH66S Glue Gun also features a quick start up, cutting down on warm-up time and making it ready for use fast. Often used in the stabilisation of pallets.

    • Glue delivery: Granular 1kg/hr; Slugs 2.5kg/hr
    • Fast warm up
    • Glue delivery temp: 180-190˚C
    • Glue size: Granules & 43mm glue cartridge
    • Weight: VH66B: 1.25kg; VH66S: 1.45kg
    • Lightweight for easy, one-handed operation.
    • Requires Air Supply
    • Comes with detachable stand for increased freedom of movement when in use.
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