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Fact Sheet: Venus Vacuum Chambers

Why vacuum pack?

Exposure to air aids the growth of bacteria in most foods. Sealing the food in a bag from which the air has been removed greatly inhibits bacterial growth. Foods stay fresh longer and retain their flavour, nutritional value and sales appeal.

Which foods can be vacuum packed?

Any food can be vacuum packed but the unique characteristics of each food must be considered: for example delicate foods such as berries might be crushed by a high vacuuum. This is often overcome by freezing the berries first or using gas. See Why Use Gas? (right). T-bone steaks might pierce the vacuum bag. See “Soft Air” (below).

How long do vacuum packed foods last?

Some foods will last up to 5 times longer than without vacuum packing. But it depends on the type of food and its quality before packing. It also depends on the type of barrier bag used and the strength of the seal. It is important to remember that foods that normally need to be kept cool to prevent spoilage still need to be refrigerated or frozen as usual.


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