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Food Wrap Dispensers

Used widely in fresh food preparation, production and display, the Venus Food Wrap or Cling Film dispensers are easy to use and produce a professional looking product that retains freshness and maintains shelf life.

  • Food Wrap Dispenser VH451

    Premium Product

    This Venus 451 Cling Film / Food Wrap Dispenser is a popular and economical choice for any fresh food business wishing to wrap and preserve produce. Ideally suited to packaging fruit, vegetables, meat and bakery items, the final result is a wrapped product that retains freshness, looks appealing and maintains shelf life. After wrapping in Venus cling film, the film is cut by pressing it down on the safety guard to expose the Teflon coated hot cutting bar. The product is then placed on the warming tray which seals the film to produce a transparent, tightly wrapped package.
    • Economically priced.
    • Simple to use.
    • Use with either PVC or PE film.
    • Quality and durable product.
    • Cheap to run & easy to store.
    • Produces a professionally wrapped product.
  • Venus Easiwrap Food Film Dispenser

    Premium Product

    The Venus Easiwrap stretch film food wrapper is the ideal solution for supermarkets, bakeries, hotels , hospitals, seafood suppliers, etc., when it comes to fast, reliable and flexible wrapping of fresh produce. The Traywrapper is ideal for customers with a medium to high level output and larger commercial fresh food operations. The Traywrapper wraps fresh produce on trays cleanly and efficiently with PE or PVC stretch films from 8-40 micon thick. The Traywrapper operates with an automatic cycle, so the operator simply inserts the loaded tray, closes the machine, and then removes the tray, and the product is securely and hygenically wrapped. One of the key features of the Traywrapper is its versatility, meaning it can wrap the majority of commercial trays. Tray dimensions: min 130mm(w) x 90mm(l) x 10mm(h) - max 270mm(w) x 180mm(l) x 120mm(h)*.
    • Stainless steel frame.
    • Adjustable sealing plate temperature.
    • Easy adjustment & maintenance.
    • Cold system to cut film without smoke emission.
    • * It is not possible to create packages with the max dimensions W X L X H.
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