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Posted: 01/02/2018

Filament & Strapping Tapes – What You Need to Know

Filament Tapes

Filament tape is used largely in transportation and warehousing. Made with fibreglass strands to add extra strength to your packaging efforts, filament tape is the ideal solution for businesses that wish to improve the quality of packaging for their products whist in transit.

Filament tape offers extremely high tensile strength and tear resistance as well as aggressive adhesion. The main applications for filament tape include pipeline and cable wrapping, bundling heavy objects, transportation of building goods, securing loose parts in the delivery of white goods, reinforce packaging and carton closure, edge protection, metalworking applications and other commercial and industrial uses.

Filament tape can be used on metal surfaces for edging purposes. Apart from its adhesive and bonding properties, filament tape doesn’t leave a residue behind once removed making it ideal for painting and welding applications.


Strapping Tapes

When transporting pallets in and around your warehouse, strapping tape assists in ensuring boxes remain in place and secure, on pallets during transportation. Polypropylene strapping tapes offer high tensile strength that allows for small load shifts without the snapping of tape. Once applied the tape tends to hold the cartons tightly in place and prevents collapses.


Venus Packaging supplies both 1-way and 2-way reinforced fibreglass PP filament tape, and strapping tapes. For more information on these products, view our Strapping & Filament Tapes page.

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Filament & Strapping Tapes - What you need to know
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