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Nine Tips For Better Big Square Baling

Now’s the time to make sure your baling equipment is in top condition.

With the baling season just weeks away it’s time to make sure your baling equipment is in top condition. “First, have a good look at your baler’s Manual for specific checks and adjustments,” says Danny Dahlitz, an expert with 40 years experience in the field.

Danny, who is the Senior Service Technician at Ramsey Bros. Saddleworth branch, suggests the following pre-season checks to avoid problems in the paddock with twine during the stress of the season.

Trevor Thompson (left) Luke Schwarz and Brad Abbott, Ramsey Bros. Saddleworth branch.


1. Check the twine tension.
2. Check the bill hook opening. The right measurement will give a perfect tail length.
3. Check the twine disk adjustment to reduce mis-ties.
4. Check the tension on top and bottom twine holding gears.
5. Check the condition of needle rollers.
6. Operator to set correct moisture content, bale load and density of crop to be baled. If settings are too high or low it will affect the load on the twine during the tying cycle.
7. Check the knife on the knotter arm is sharp.
8. Check the timing of knife arm to bill hook. This is most critical.

Danny’s ninth tip? “With big square bales it’s all about knot strength. So use a strong twine like Extra Blue at 245kgf.

Ramsey Bros., now in their 60th year in the farm supplies business, operate 6 branches in SA employing sixty staff, 13 of them at the Saddleworth branch.

For more information speak to Ramsey’s twine and netwrap specialist, Trevor Thompson, on (08) 8847 4211 or Phil Pomeroy at Venus Packaging on (03) 9428 1652. Download the Venus Baler Twine Guide.

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