Shrink Wrapping Machines

All-in-one hooded shrink wrapping machines. Manual hold down, magnetic hold down and automatic models with up to 6 programs. All have adjustable temperature and sealing times. Some have shrink delay for PP & Polyolefin films. Our shrink wrappers are simple to use and produce professional, and appealing looking packages every time.

L-Bar Sealers & Shrink Tunnels

From small benchtop types to the Unishrink shrink tunnel L-bar sealer combination, we offer a broad range of L-Bar Sealers, with and without and shrink tunnels included. Most L-bar sealer models have adjustable temperature, magnetic hold down times and conveyer speeds.

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes including double-sided, strapping, packaging, masking, foam, water-activated, electrical and duct tapes available. Our staff can advise which tape is best for your individual business needs and application.

Mail Bagging Systems

We offer two options to efficiently and easily prepare printed materials for postage, the Venus Mailbagger or the Venus Horizontal Mailbagger. Both machines use polythene or PVC tubing to wrap and heat seal printed materials in one easy action.

Hydraulic Lift & Flat Bed Trolleys

We have a range of flatbed trolleys, two-level platform trolleys, hydraulic lift trolleys and upright hand tolleys. Depending on the application and the load our staff can assist with the right trolley for your business.

Glue Guns and Dispensers

Hotmelt glue guns for every application from the safer low temperature models for hobbies, crafts and do-it-yourself tasks, to portable gas fired, light industrial, heavy duty industrial and spray glue guns. Our range of glue includes hotmelt glues for every application including product assembly, carton sealing, packaging and gluing difficult surfaces such as polystyrene.

Click here for a guide to Selecting the Right Glue Gun.

Knives & Cutters

An extensive range of cutters and knives for cutting paperboard, plastic, carpet and strapping. We have in stock safety cutters, carton openers, super grip knives, utility knives, box cutters and spring loaded cutters.